Wow, the dental cabinet looks amazing! Great job! Thank you so much for all the effort and work you're putting into getting these cherisjed items of my mother's sold and moved along to someone who will enjoy and appreciate them. You and Kathy are amazing and making me feel at such peace with the way my mother's estate is being handled and dispersed. I know that she would be thrilled with the care and time you're putting into making everything look its best and by all the research, time, effort and advertising you have put forth to do your best by me, my mother and her cherished collections. Thank you so much Barry and Kathy!

Jenna Hill


Barry Densmore
Densmore Auctions

Dear Sir,
We have just received our check for your auction on Oct. 6 2017, and would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for all the effort that went into making it a successful sale. Although the number of our items was few, we were made to feel as though we are your most important customer.

Everyone we felt with was courteous and professional while still being friendly. We are very pleased with the prices our items brought and feel that your commission and fees are more than fair, particularly considering the amount of work and promotions that int into the sale. We also appreciate that everything was spelled out clearly in your contract. We would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.

Again, our thanks, and we will be contacting you in the future when we have need of your services.
Frank & Christy Grech

P.S. The prompt delivery of our sellers check is also greatly appreciated.


Hi Kathy  

This is for the estate of Nancy Arnold. Thank you And Barry for all your help! This certainly has been an adventure and it's angels like you both that have made it smoother sailing!

Warmest Regards
Suzanne Minshew & Drew Arnold


Dear "Team Densmore",

Just a note of thanks and appreciation for once again making our Friday night more enjoyable. Your friendliness, kindness and integrity make your monthly auction one that we always look forward to. Stay well and God Bless

Jeff and Marsha Horne


Barry and Kathy,

Thank you for your advice and assistance in selling the firearms and miscellaneous items recently. I was not very familiar with auctions and especially how your auction is run but I must say that I am extremely surprised and pleased with how successful you were in handling my auction items and all the others.

I must admit also I spent a few dollars for some items as gifts for my family too. I will be returning to your auction both as a buyer and a seller in the future.

Once again THANK YOU for the excellent results. Best wishes to you and your family.

Dale Frangos


Dear Barry and Family
Thank you so much for all of your assistance in getting some of our items sold. We have received the check and thank again for prompt service and the education that you offered as we did our first adventure into the auction market.
Have a great day and God Bless,
Donna Robinson


Thanks Barry -
That ($) was a nice surprise!
Best Wishes
Betty Darrow



Just wanted to thank you for the great job in the auctioning of my fishing tackle collection. This was not an easy undertaking as my collection of 20 years consisted of over a thousand items. Your wife Kathy did an excelent job of setting the items for display. My wife and I had time to watch about an hour of the auction. The fishing items were nicely bundled and the auction was run very smoothly. My earnings from the auction were at where I thought they should be.

Thanks again


Hello Barry,

Just a short note to let you know that I took delivery of the cash register. I am delighted with my purchase.  Unlike most of my cash register acquisitions, this one is complete - missing nothing!!!  It is already on its way to California to be restored.  It is a little too far gone to leave in its original condition, but it will be beautiful when the restoration is complete.  For your information, it originally was nickel-plated!!!

It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope to have more business dealings with you in the near future.

Thanks again.

Artemus W. Ham III - Las Vegas, Nevada



Our Family was very pleased with Densmore Auctions. Everything was handled very efficiently and professionally. You and your team made it very easy clearing out our parents home.

The Petros Family


Dear Barry,

Thank you so much for a great job at Dick's Auction. We couldn't be happier. The professionalism shown by your staff was outstanding and your kindness to Dick and I was greatly appreciated, it helped the transition to retirement a little easier.

Thank the gang for us and we look forward to seeing you all soon

Dick & Judy Parker

Parker Brothers Construction



Dear Mr. Densmore

After 38 years in business, I made the difficult decision to retire and liquidate my flower shop. I had several antique display pieces, etc and chose Densmore to do the auctioning. This was the first time I've use an auction to sell items but, if won't be the last.

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the excellent, professional job you all did. I was more than happy with the results.

Since "antiquing" and collecting will always be a hobby of mine, I'm sure you'll see me again - selling or buying!

Judy Wagner



Thank you for all you did to help us with this difficult time. It's people like you that god gives as a blessing to others.

In his service,
Bill & Sheri Schilling



Dear Mr. Densmore:

As you may recall, I am a personal friend of Karl Koch who is transitioning to the life of a handicapped widower after the tragic passing of his spouse of many years. A big hurdle that had to be overcome in that transition was the sale and liquidation of Karl Koch's personal property, which he had acquired over many years with the help of his wife.

I contacted you to determine whether that personal property had any significant value. You promptly responded to my request and personally inspected the contents of the Koch home. You further indicated that, although much of the personal property was in poor condition, it did have significant value if properly marketed.

You further offered to take on the responsibility of removing the property from the home, cleaning and repairing same, and conducting a public auction. At all times you and your employees were courteous to Mr. Koch and you were able to remove the home contents without causing Mr. Koch additional distress during the very emotional experience of his giving up a life-long collection of personal property.

You further did an excellent job on making minor repairs and cleaning the property prior to auction. You conducted the auction in a very professional manner and achieved excellent financial results, to the surprise of Mr. Koch and many others who did not perceive the value of the personal property that was located within the Koch home.

The purpose of this letter is to extend my personal thanks and express my appreciation for the manner in which you handled the sale of Mr. Koch's personal property. I would highly recommend your services to anyone contemplating the sale of personal property or the liquidation of estate assets.

Thanks again for all your help.

Jerome A. Lemire



Dear Barry,

This letter is in regards to the auction on January 5, 2007. We would like to thank you for the wonderful job that you did for us, auctioning off our items. We really appreciate the work that you did from beginning to end. You and your wife Kathy are very easy to talk to and were very good at explaining the auction processes. The pictures displaying the items on the internet we excellent and I am sure they brought the buyers out.

We received our check within 3 business days of the auction. The experience was great and we will contact you when we are ready to sell other items.

Thank So Very Mueh,

Harry & Liz Jones



To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in reference to auctioneer, Barry Densmore, of Densmore Auctions, 7264 N. Ridge Road, Madison, Ohio, 44057.

I was part of a committee organizing a benefit dinner/live auction that was held on May 19, 2007, The Gymnastics "Flip-A-Roo" Benefit, for Rachel Kayza. Rachel is a 14-year old Notre Dame/Cathedral Latin student and West Geauga Gymnast who was stricken with a rare form of bacterial meningitis. I contacted Barry for his services for our auction.

Barry is a true professional. He runs an honest, fair and accurate business. Barry also has a great sense of humor making the entire event fun with never a dull moment. Our guests truly had a good time during the auction. Many of them took the time to personally tell me how much they enjoyed Barry's talents.

In summary, Barry was completely competent and trustworthy, and we were extremely pleased with Densmore Auctions. I would recommend him to you without reservation. If you would like to call me, I would be happy to speak with you. I can be reached at 440/338-3325.

Patricia L. Pukay



Dear Barry:

Thank you for your time to conduct the Antique Appraisals at the Perry Fall Festival that was held on September 8* & 9th, 2007. Your dedication and commitment helped to make this a signature event for the entire community.

Events like this could not happen without support from generous people like you. Your help was appreciated and very much needed. We look forward to hosting this event again next year.

We hope that you will consider coming out to join us again next year. We apologize that things appeared unorganized and you did not receive confirmation of your participation early on. When we confirm the dates for next year, I will give you a call.

Again, thank you for your generosity.




Dear Densmore Auctions,

On behalf of the First Baptist Church of Perry, I gratefully acknowledge the receipt of a your donated auctioneering services. No goods or services, aside from "intangible religious benefits", were provided by the Church in exchange for this contribution. The gift was received by the Church in the first half of 2007. This letter serves as your tax receipt.

We would like to thank you for your contribution. You really made the event fun as well as successful! We are glad to report that we raised over $6,000 for the First Baptist building program and Hannah's Home. This was such a success - and so much fun - that we plan to hold the event again next year. We would like to do this event again next year and hope that you will be available and interested in helping us again. More information will be sent in early 2008.

Thank you, again!


Carol L. Tipton
Treasurer, First Baptist Church of Perry
Perry, OH 44081



Dear Barry:

The 10th Annual Cleveland Browns Taste of the NFL 2008 Celebrity Dinner was a great success, thanks to your generous donation of services for our live auction. We were very nervous to host a live auction for the first time this year, but with your guidance and expertise we could not be happier with the results! The live auction alone raised $4,235.

Our success would not have been possible without you and our other in-kind donors. This year's event netted more than $120,000! This will allow the Cleveland Foodbank to provide enough food for over 480,000 nutritious meals for the hungry men, women, and children in Northeast Ohio.

Your support and commitment to the Cleveland Foodbank and Taste of the NFL is greatly appreciated. We look forward to a continued relationship. Thank you so much for making this event successful. Together we can tackle hunger in Northeast Ohio!


Katrina Marshall
Special Events Coordinator



Dear Friend,

Since you were kind enough to donate to our annual Boaters for a Cure Dinner which was held April 25, 2009, we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude. Through your generosity and that of others like you, we have been able to take this annual event from our first year at $1400 and grow to more than $14,000 raised at this year's event. These funds will be distributed between the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Foundation and The Gathering Place cancer support center.

We feel that these two organizations create the perfect compliment to each other. While the Komen Foundation creates awareness, funds research and provides assistance and support for those individuals who would otherwise be without it, The Gathering Place is a unique center where cancer patients and their families and/or friends may go to seek help, guidance and support. This center provides all services free of charge and is open to those affected by all types of cancer.

It is our sincere hope that in the near future cancer will be a disease of the past. Until that time, we will do what we can to help fight this widespread disease. We feel fortunate to have people such as you standing with us in this fight.

Again, our most sincere thanks for your contribution, and we look forward to a long, successful association in the future.

Boaters for a Cure



Barry & Kathy,

I am writing to let you know how happy we are with the services that you recently provided to
us. We have been very satisfied, not only with the outcome, but also with the entire experience
from beginning to end. You and your company certainly go above and beyond, and we very
much appreciate you effort, communication, and integrity in everything you have done.

As you know, 2009 was not a good year for us (as I'm sure it wasn't for many others). With the
slowed economy and poor housing market, we faced many challenges, especially when I was
informed that my employment position was to be eliminated (and therefore so would be my
income). At first, I thought this would be a temporary setback, but as time went by, I found it
difficult to realize any new employment alternatives. Eventually I was able to create an
opportunity with a company, but it required us to relocate as quickly as possible to California.
Since we owned a house (or I should say we owned the liability of a mortgage), we were faced
with some difficult decisions.

Once my wife Robin and I together decided to pursue relocating to California we put our home
on the market By this time, it was January 2010 and the already poor housing market was even
worse than before (or at least "on hold" until the Ohio spring thaw). It soon became very
apparent that we would not be able to move all of our processions so we began to put our things
up for sell. Even though we tried posting flyers throughout our area and ran ads on eBay and
Craig's Lists, we simply couldn't generate any interest, especially for our higher end items.
Fortunately, for us we heard ofDensmore Auctions, the services provided, and we called you.

You not only came to our location and reviewed the things we had to sell; you also offered us
help in areas we hadn't even considered. Densmore Auctions picked up our things, thoroughly
examined each item, cleaned them up for presentation, contacted and promoted them to
appropriate buyers, and even sorted the smaller items into meaningful groups for better selling.

Your company was great at keeping in touch with us throughout the entire process (even as we
were traveling cross-country). A couple of my friends were able to attend the auction itself, as
we were out of the state by then, and each of them had very positive things to say about the
experience. After the auction, you provided us with a detailed listing of all of our itmes,
including the selling price. Your payment to us was prompt and in our opinion, better than what
we would've bee able to get on our own.

The past few months have indeed been very challenging for us. Nevertheless, one of the most
positive aspects has been our association and experiences with the two of you and Densmore
Auctions. Thank you so much for all your help. You've certainly been a bright light in our lives.


Glen & Robin Claric
Aromas California by way of Chardon, Ohio



Dear Barry:

I want to thank you for the wonderful service that you provided in running the on
site auction to liquidate the contents of my home on July 14, 2007. You attention
to detail, up front manner, honesty and the personalized service that you and
your staff provided for us was absolutely world class. We would recommend that
anyone considering your services for an on site auction or consignment of goods
for sale do so without hesitation.

Best regards,
Carolyn A Zelna



To Whom It May Concern,

On March 19, 2005 Mr. Barry Densmore of Densmore Auctions in Madison, Ohio did a
liquidation auction for the Lake County Board of Commissioners at our County Home
property in Painesville, Ohio. Mr. Densmore and his staff were very professional,
organized and thorough in the handling of this large and difficult auction. Because of the
size of some items they had to move from room to room through a large cramped
building as they sold off the contents. At the same time they had to keep track of the
multitude of items sold and the names of purchasers. I was very impressed with their
ability to handle the large crowd we had that day, and their success in liquidating the
entire contents of a building the county has continuously operated since the 1860's.

I would not hesitate to use Densmore Auctions again for future liquidation of county
property and would highly recommend them.

Kenneth R. Gauntner Jr.

Lake County Administrator


Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Barry and Kathy Densmore Auctions

To Whom It May Concern:

After 22 years of being in business, it was a very difficult and emotional
time when my husband, Dave and I hadto let go of Madison Hardware Inc.
It was a comfort to have Barry and Kathy Densmore Auctions walk us
through this difficult journey. As individuals and as a business they only
showed kindness, respect, and patience with us.

In preparation for the auction their organization and professional skills made
the process itself quite smooth. They quickly followed through on initial
phone calls, kept scheduled appointments, and returned phone messages
promptly. Additionally, they answered all of my questions patiently and

The auction itself ran very smoothly because during the auction, their
presentation of items was very organized, clean, and neat. Additionally, it
was held in a friendly atmosphere which accommodated all bidders. I saw
only great respect for the bidders as well as the owners. Furthermore, the
auction schedule was adhered to in an efficient manner.

Overall, from start to finish, Barry and Kathy Densmore Auctions were
efficient, friendly, accommodating, and organized. I would highly
recommend Barry and Kathy Densmore Auctions both for individuals and

Nancy C. Heam









Dear Auction customer,

We recently offered up for auction the contents of my parent's house, and we
selected Barry and Kathy Densmore to arrange and conduct the estate sale auction. We
would like to give our wholehearted endorsement of their work. It was a pleasure to
work with them from start to finish.

My parents' house was a large house with an abundance of both high-value and
ordinary household goods. The Densmores did an excellent job of organizing and
promoting the sale. We were very impressed with the pre-sale organization of the goods,
which saved Jean and me hours of work. On auction day, they kept events moving along
smoothly and with a good spirit. They kept the crowd entertained, and everyone involved
had a good time.

The auction was a financial success. The expenses were reasonable. Barry
handled the bookkeeping quickly and fairly.

It is our pleasure to recommend Densmore Auctions if you want to sell
something. We certainly had a good experience.

Scott and Jean Nelson



Dear Barry and Kathy Densmore,

The task of liquidating an estate of loved ones, especially one with an eclectic mix of antiques, can be quite
daunting. You made our job easy by providing sound advice and courteous removal service.

We were really impressed to see the turnout you had at your auction hall Every parting place was taken.
We believe that top dollar was received for our consignment which certainly validated our decision to
utilize your services.

We have no reservation in recommending Densmore Auctions to anyone. Please feel free to use this letter
as a reference. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.


Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Rasch
Madison, Ohio


Dear Barry,

I am writing on behalf of everyone at Casement Golf me. to express our appreciation and
solid satisfaction with the recent (October 14, 2006) equipment auction you conducted
for us. The results of the sale far exceeded our expectations.

We attributed that success to the thorough and professional manner in which you and
your staff covered the advertising to the people we hoped to attract. The two hundred
sixty five registered bidders on a blustery October morning attest to how you promoted
the advertising in an outstanding way. You worked closely and were helpful to Casement
personnel who were preparing equipment for the auction.

The sale proceeded smoothly due to your management of the crowd of bidders.

We would recommend you to anyone requiring the services that you and your team


Carolyn Martin


Dear Barry and Kathy:

We wanted to thank you for the great job you did in handling the auctioning of the
possessions from our grandmother's estate! You were honest, professional, and
courteous from the very start and extremely easy to work with- Parting with a relative's
treasured possessions can be a difficult ordeal. The two of you were caring and
compassionate when it came to the hard decisions that needed to made. In addition to all
this, the knowledge and expertise you possess ensured us that we were dealing with

We would highly recommend you to anyone in need of your services and would
absolutely use you again if we had to do it all over again!

Best Regards,

Matt and Bobbi Krems



I’m sorry this is so late. You know how life can just take over sometimes.

Thank you for all your help in cleaning out my parents’ estate. The warmth and caring you gave me was a blessing. Thank you for being so honest with me. At times, memories and personal value cloud what something is really worth... however, you did not sugar coat, and seeing the passion in you as you auctioned my parents’ stuff... Thank you... You and your staff worked very hard for me and my family. God Bless you and your staff.

Meredith Masaveg


Thanks for all of the interest you showed and all the effort you put forth to get me the best price possible. Your professionalism and organization of my items were a welcomed sight. Thanks for all you did.

Earl Gill Jr.